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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ideology of Fear


Alright, now, I feel like writing in English. Why? Well, keeping my English too long in the coffin might spoil it. Thus, I feel that I should, from now on, write more English. =)

Have you ever heard about the "Ideology of Fear"? Well, it is basically an ideology in which fear conquers all. From East to West, from politics to economical issues, from major powers to tiny states, this ideology has been spreading along very rapidly in the world today.

It is having an unmistakable impact on the way human beings perceive the world, as fear is omnipresent and deeply ingrained. In this ideology, fear conquers all.

Fear will cause emotions to overcome rational analysis. Because of the fear that the particular person has, he or she will definitely make decisions using only his or her feelings at the time, without even considering the empirical methods that can be used.

For instance, take the current political situations around the world today. When any administration is being threatened by any factors whatsoever, thus fear will emerge in their minds. Thus, the administration might go on and USE this fear, and choose to eliminate those threatening factors using any possible methods that they could think off, including the meanest of ways, without even thinking of other more diplomatic alternatives. This is how fear can overcome rational analysis.

Ahah, another example is the fear to spread out the truth to other people, as one might feel threatened just to speak out the truth. Imagine, when revealing the truth in public, one might be getting threats by other people who want to kill him or her, just because he or she is telling the truth. Or, when revealing the truth in public, one might get jailed unnecessarily and without trial. Fear will definitely be engraved in anybody's heart if he or she knows what risks that might be faced if he or she speaks out the truth. Thus, that person will hide the truth, and will just pretend to accept whatever information that is accepted by the general public, even though he or she actually knows what the other, let's say, 1 million people, do not know.

There are other explanations regarding this ideology, but I choose to stop here. I guess you have got the picture.

To me, this ideology has to be eliminated from each and every one of us. Why? Because fear might cause us to not think properly. Imagine, when fear arises, our way of thinking would surely be affected. Consequently, our decisions will also be affected.

Regarding our beloved religion, Islam, well, the ideology of fear also has a major impact. For instance, fear might cause a da'ie to stop spreading the truth to others, as he or she might be afraid to face the terrible reactions of the people they preach to, or that he or she is afraid that the objective to tell the truth to the targeted people fails. However, in the Qur'an, there is a verse in Surah Al-Baqarah which says that truth HAS to be spread.

"Verily, those who hide whatever that We brought down to them in the form of explanations and enlightenment, after We have explained to humans in the Book (The Qur'an), they are the ones who are hated by Allah and also hated by people who hate them..."
[Al-Baqarah, 2 : 159]

Thus, let us all conquer our fears!

*Note, the verse is directly translated from the Malay version, so it might sound a bit, urm, bad...


shahkang said...

yeah so proud to see who are now switching to english

why don't u use ur time to write TOK essay instead of this post

or maybe ur EE ?

anyway I'm also thinking about having a new english version blog
which will make my life busier.

Anonymous said...

erm... fear... same things goes to the life of a student. They fear of fail to achieve their target, they fear of not pass their test. resulting so-called exam oriented student. Not many student really studying because they really wanted to have the knowledge. the value of the knowledge is been measured by exams? hope that we can change dis stigma inside our mind.

a.m.i.n said...

excellent post =)

i agree, totally... the existence of fear will bring us back to the dark ages...

keep on posting... luv reading ur thoughts... n ur choice of nasyid..huhu

Anonymous said...


PeRaNTaU said...

ape ammar...?

huk3 =P

wan_panda said...

Kamal,in my opinion, your article would be better if you include about the "konsep taqwa" which we had learned in school years ago. The konsep of taqwa in islam is the one which all mukmin and muslim should apply in their life instead of the ideology of fear which is propagated by the westerners - espeacially the jews- to destruct the islam. You can add some hujah from any ulama regarding the konsep taqwa. That's all from me. Thank you.

{Salam aidilfitri dr bumi anbiya'. Harap segala salah dan silap dimaafi. MAaf zahir & batin.
Kullu am wa enta tayyib.}

PeRaNTaU said...

huhu..thnx wan...

saje tulih ni...nak elakkan orang drpd terlalu jadikan fear sbgai panduan hidup

nana prun said... gak dis part makes me think what i am before..fear???guess so...nway,thanks...keep up your good job =p

el baeraqy said...

aih cem, macam kenal je term ni..ehem2...takpe2, truskan dakwah enta...huhu =)

neway, first of all, utk cerita kat orang ttg ideology of fear ni, kite kena faham ape maksud fear tu dulu dan context penggunaan..sbb fear dalam context yg digunakan di eropah lebih kepada ketakutan yg i rite?

so, bukanlah bermaksud kita nak lari dari "ideology of fear" tuh sampai tak takut tuhan..tapi kita takut yg positif (dunno term ape terbaik dalam inggeris..cube check thesaurus dan tanye omputih sendiri)..bukan takut yg negatif, which is "fear"

thats why kite menentang "ideology of fear" dan ape2 yg boleh ke arah itu..

plus, kena aware yg biasanya ideology ini diserapkan melalui perang saraf..dan juga melalui beberapa culture orang kita yg tak bagus..huhu


PeRaNTaU said...

ya sifu...!

thanx atas pandangan =)

syafiq.cberry said...

that painting is famous